About Us

G’day and welcome to Never Never Safari Tours in Kakadu National Park. My name is Wildman Chizo and I will be your guide.

At Never Never Safari Tour’s we take you to all of the best locations in the Australian outback here in Kakadu National Park.

You can choose from a Crocodile Dundee inspired adventure, a swim at our stunning waterfalls or journey into the ancient culture and history of these ancient lands to see rock art and relics.

Kakadu National Park is one of the most recognised and important destinations in Australia and it’s not just me who says so. It’s got a UNESCO World Heritage listing, making it a cultural and natural heritage place of significance.

I’ve spent the past 15 years guiding in these parts and I reckon it’s the best place in Australia and the world and I’d like to show you why.

Join me on a Never Never Safari Tour for the adventure of a lifetime!


“G’day and welcome to Never Never Safari Tours”